Paddle the Pepacton and Hike in Andes


Morning: Breakfast in Arkville and Paddle the Pepacton Reservoir

In recent years, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection has worked with local organizations to increase recreational boating on four of the six Catskill reservoirs. It’s now possible to paddle kayaks, canoes, and at some locations, sculls, in addition to the traditional row boat. The Pepacton Reservoir, opening for expanded boating in 2012, is expansive and beautiful, a paddler’s paradise. To help ensure protection of water quality, a NYCDEP access permit is required and is easily obtained online. Boats must be steam-cleaned by a certified vendor prior to entering the water. A summary guide of the Pepacton Boating Program  provides the steps in the process and other basic information you’ll need to know.

waterThere are three boat launch/ access points on the eastern end of the Pepacton: Arena, Perch Lake, and Shavertown. Pepacton Bait and Tackle in Margaretville is the nearest certified steam cleaner. This business also rents canoes and kayaks, including on-site options at the Shavertown Launch. Contact Pepacton Bait and Tackle at 845-586-6211 (or 845-750-5061) or by email: to reserve a boat for your trip. The shop is located on Route 28 in Arkville, about 500 feet west of Dry Brook Road on the north side of the highway.

Whether or not you need to rent a boat, Pepacton Bait and Tackle will steam clean your boat and issue your boat tag for the day. The shop also includes an adjacent cafe’. Arkville is also home to the popular Bread and Breakfast , housed in an actual caboose right at the railroad crossing in Arkville (about a half-mile east of Pepacton Bait and Tackle on 28). We recommend getting an early start for the day, and you may also consider launching from the Arena access point. This point is closest to Margaretville, to which you will need to return with any rented equipment. If you have your own boat, paddles, and life vests, you might choose one of the other launch sites.

Afternoon: Lunch (Margaretville or Andes) Hike in Andes


Dining-MediumIf you’re returning a canoe to Arkville, you have many choices for lunch in either Arkville or Margaretville.


Hike Options – Shavertown Trail

HikingIn recent years, the community of Andes has been active in creating local trails that appeal to the casual hiker and family. The beginning of the Shavertown Trail is located just north of the Shavertown Boat Launch (the parking area for the trail) and is marked by a sign at the side of the road. If you’ve packed a lunch, this makes for the smoothest transition; however, the Tremperskill Country Store  is located just up 3.25 miles north on County Rte. 1 on the right and has lunch, daily specials, restrooms, and wi-fi.

The hike begins with a mile of moderate uphill walking and reaches a small pond and overlook. The trail continues gently for another 1.6 miles until reaching its terminus on the shoulder of Perch Lake Mountain. This longer option is 5.3 miles round trip.

Andes Rail Trail and Bullet Hole Spur

HikingA second option for an easy post-paddle hike is the Andes Rail Trail and Bullet Hole Spur,  beginning 1/4 mile west of the traffic light in the hamlet of Andes on Del. Co. Rte. 2. From Margaretville, the most direct route is the scenic byway (Route 28), which climbs steadily after Dunraven to the Palmer Hill Overlook and Trail, the highest point on the byway. Here a sign notes the location on the right, where a magnificent scenic overlook is found. You’d be remiss not to pause here to take in the view before heading on to Andes. Like the Shavertown Trail, the Rail Trail and Spur give the walker two choices to consider.

Evening: Dinner in Andes

Dining-MediumRelax and un-wind with a cold drink and some warm, satisfying dinner in Andes!