Belleayre Mountain Offers Business Marketing Packages and More Updates

Information on advertising and the upcoming season

Alexandra Sines – Marketing Department at Belleayre Mountain

Dear Lodging Properties,
We are looking forward to the upcoming 2021-2022 season as it is fast approaching! With regard to operations for the upcoming season, many things will look similar to last year, we’ll be posting more information on our websites soon. Our goal is to provide another great season for outdoor recreation and adventure while keeping our guests and staff as safe as possible.

With that being said, we would like to continue to work with you, by offering you the option to advertise on our site on a bronze package level for a reduced rate this year of $200. We acknowledge some of the challenges that everyone has had this past year – and hope the rate reduction will help keep your lodging property active on our website – and in front of many guests who are looking to book their stay in the Belleayre region.

For those of you that are interested in more than just the bronze level packaging, the silver or gold level packages are also available; first-come, first-serve.

More Information about Belleayre

Belleayre will be holding a meeting for our lodging properties, chambers of commerce, businesses, town supervisors etc. The meeting will be held on October 26th at 10am at the Discovery Lodge. In this meeting we could potentially discuss:

lodging and infrastructure in the area
potential solutions to the problems that we are all facing
How can we cross-promote each other, increase knowledge about our communities and local businesses and share information with our guests and customers to help get people to visit other local businesses?
Where can we create local business bulletin boards to share additional information?
We ask that you come in prepared to discuss:

Immediate solutions/goals
Middle term solutions/goals
Long Term goals/solutions

If you have any specific talking points you would like to go over please let us know when you rsvp to so that we can add them to the agenda.
We look forward to seeing you all!

Decide on What Business Listings Category You Are Interested In

The Business Listings Packages follows:

GOLD BUSINESS LISTING PACKAGE – Limited to 8 opportunities – $875

For top-level exposure we offer our Gold Level Package. Properties will have a large featured

listing block with a photo at the top of our lodging/business page. The listing also includes

a short description, contact information, “go to website” link, and a link to learn more

information. That link goes to a lodging/business details page with a long description of

the property, available amenities, a link to the property website and a gallery of additional


This package also includes mention on a lodging ad on our digital visit screens in our lodges.

SILVER BUSINESS LISTING PACKAGE – Limited to 6 opportunities – $575

Our silver package includes a half page listing block with a medium-sized image on our

business page. The listing also includes a short description, contact information, “go to

website” link, and a link to learn more that goes to a lodging details page with a long

description of the property, available amenities, and a link to the property website.

$200 special rate lodging properties) ($375, all other businesses)

Our bronze lodging listing is the most basic listing we offer. It includes a small photo (1/4

size of the page) with the lodging name, “go to website” link, and contact information

hosted on

* Please note that lodging property is defined as, the renting of a short-term dwelling. Lodging is offered by an owner of real property or a leasehold estate, including the hotel industry, hospitality industry, real estate investment trusts, and owner-occupancy houses. Air Bnb’s must be registered in order to participate and will be reviewed by management

For those of you that have not been following what has been going on at the mountain this summer. We are encouraging everyone to get outdoors to enjoy the fresh air!

Scenic gondola rides will continue thru Columbus Weekend, operating Saturdays and Sundays only, from 10am to 5pm.

Hiking will continue to be available to our guests through the fall, from dawn until dusk. We offer family friendly strolls, picturesque views and challenging terrain for more experienced hikers. You can also experience additional hiking in the surrounding region directly from mountain.

The Belleayre beach is now closed for the summer season. It closed Labor Day weekend and will reopen again next summer for fun, fishing, boating and swimming.

Our 18-hole disc golf course was a big hit! We have 9 holes at the summit and 9 holes at Discovery Lodge. We are not closed for the season.

What’s Happening at the mountain?!

Repairs have started on the Overlook lodge. The uphill wing of the lodge that was damaged due to the avalanche last season over the Christmas holiday, and is now being repaired. It will be ready to go for the upcoming season.

Lines have now been painted on the newly paved roads at the mountain.

Frequent Skier Cards and Season Passes are still on sale. Frequent skier card pricing has now increased and will remain on sale while supplies last. These products may be limited this year, so if you haven’t purchased yet, please do so to guarantee your skiing plans for the upcoming season.

Snowmaking Improvements continue for the 2021-22 season …

Over the past few years, Belleayre has been working hard to update the aging snowmaking infrastructure at the facility; a multi-phase project.

Pumphouse: A brand new state of the art pumphouse which will be the home to all our electric compressors and 4 pumps will be completed for the upcoming season. We will also be adding one more electric compressor to the fleet.

Snowmaking Pipe: The addition of 13,000 ft of new snowmaking pipe across the mountain this summer with 12” feeds installed from the new pumphouse to the top of Dot Nebel, across the summit from the Gondola to Roaring Brook, and up Belleayre Run will be completed for the upcoming season. The new pipe will allow the mountain to pump water up the mountain using two main lines and will down feed to the individual trail lines increasing efficiency and allowing the mountain to utilize more out on the hill.

Snow Guns: We will start replacing the old fleet of high energy snowmaking guns with 235 HKD Impulse R5 tower guns. These HKD guns are top of the line and will allow the snowmaking team to make snow with minimal air consumption which better utilizes our water pumping capabilities. Other Past and present improvements can be viewed directly online.

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