U & D Railway Revitalization Corp.

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We would like to formally introduce the U & D Railway Revitalization Corp. (UDRRC), a 501(c)(3) company. The UDRRC is comprised of members with diverse backgrounds such as railroading, transit, environmentalism, historic preservation, tourism, cultural heritage, small business owners, and active community members. Our group wishes to serve as a guardian of the rails
in Ulster County, NY. We desire to ensure that the Ulster and Delaware Railroad corridor remains intact for primarily Rail operations along with auxiliary uses. Our group is focused on saving the rails and building a trail adjacent to the rails or a trail that with alternate routing when necessary.

Part of our mission is to provide better, more inclusive solutions for the entire region that will maintain the rails for present and future needs. It is our wish to preserve the historic qualities of the last railroad that ascends into the Catskills while preparing for future transportation needs for the western parts of Ulster County, beyond to Delaware County and approaching Oneonta.

Our organization seeks to form alliances with others that will help form the basis of a method of getting much-needed revenue back to the region while providing the greatest environmental protection. Simply trying to remove the rails for a “highway” styled trail would be a major loss the Ulster and Delaware Counties, as well having regional state impact.

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