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Chasing Honey Farm is a 5-acre meadow in the Catskill Mountains, opposite Belleayre Mountain Ski Center, which keeps beehives and produces honey and related products on a co-op basis. All our honey is Pure Honey, 100% produced locally on-site without chemicals, pesticides, or commercial pollination practices. Unlike mass-market honey, which is often manufactured and processed overseas, our honey is naturally made without the use of any miticides (fluvalinate, coumaphos, thymol) or formic acid. We let our bees fend for themselves and develop their own natural resistance to the bee mites that are impacting honeybees in North America.

We are a honey farm co-op, a way to craft and sell high-quality, local and raw honey and honey bee products. The apiary (or bee yard) is co-located at Griffin Corners, our boutique farm in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York, just outside the Village of Fleischmanns.

Chasing Honey Farm allows anyone to buy membership into our co-op on an annual basis, and even own a share of the proceeds of a beehive (or a portion of a hive) and receive the honey [or money from the sale of the honey from their hive at market]. We offer apiary tours and you'll find our super-premium honey in only the best retailers in the area. We offer our raw honey comb for use in kitchens and tea rooms throughout the region. Perfectly paired with local cheese and apples from the orchard.

We do all the work. You reap what we sow. Sweet deal, right?

Growing Practices:
All Natural
Insecticide free
Integrated Pest Management
No chemicals
Non-certified Organic

Griffin Corners, LLC is a manufacturer of agricultural products based in the Village of Fleischmanns, nestled in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York. Fleischmanns was initially named Griffin Corners in honor of Matthew Griffin, a prominent lawyer (he was admitted to the bar in 1851) and businessman (he owned a store and later a hotel). He also helped to secure the village’s first post office in 1848. We so take the name of Griffin Corners in the spirit of that early American entrepreneurship, which we believe to be an inalienable right of the people to ensure self-determined economic success, to profit and pleasure thereby, in order to keep the peace and harmony of our free society.

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